Integrated Distribution Networks powerd with Information Technology are rapidly emerging distribution channels for the future. OHHOY is the pioneer and the leading Franchisee Network having a Unified Online Platform for the Integrated Distribution of Services, Products and Information.

Expand Your Business through the Integrated Distribution Network!

Maintaining multiple branch offices and deploying sales force all over is the old story. Those who survive in the dynamic markets are the ones who respond to the changes. The change is on.

On-board the products and services of your business to the integrated distribution platform and open up your gateway to sales through thousands of reliable, responsible and resourceful affiliate agents across different places.

The Integrated distribution network can promote your business, closely follow up on your distant business leads, generate sales, assist on movements and transfer of of documents, materials and payments , represent your business locally across places, coordinate local resources for your business, facilitate post sales support, services and follow and create a life time relation with your clients.

Focus on your passion, expertise and core processes. Leverage on performance of the passionate, dynamic and result oriented entrepreneurs to boost your bottom line.

Distribute your Products and Services

Do Multiple Businesses at the Same Time with the Same Resources!

Markets, Industries, Technology and Products are undergoing changes faster than ever. Systems for flow of information, payments and materials are getting improved day by day with the popularity of digital information transfer systems and logistic facilities. Traditional businesses models are becoming obsolete. Distributions systems are adapting to the Just in Time ( JIT ) process. A highly dynamic, diversified , futuristic business can sustain, prosper and be profitable in the long run.

Start an Integrated Business Center in your own locality and open up your gateway to multiple revenue streams.

Affiliation to multiple businesses ensure the effective utilization of your resources deployed in the business. Your business can generate income from multiple streams, and become stable, profitable and gain exponential momentum in very short time. The Integrated Distribution system facilitate access to all classes of Individual customers and merchants by catering to wide range of requirements in the market.

We welcome you to be part of the success. Organized ongoing support, guidelines, action plan, assignments and assistance from multiple organizations empower your success in different aspects.

Open an Integrated Distribution Centre

  • 22 September 2018

    OHHOY Dealership Expo

    OHHOY Dealership EXPO is scheduled on 22nd of September 2018 in Cochin. 50 Companies will be showcasing their products and services at the most admired location in the town. 25 Companies will be presenting the dealership opportunity of their products and services. More than 300 delegates from all parts of Kerala who are seriously looking to start new businesses will be attending this whole day program. Registration is mandate.

  • 30 September 2018

    OHHOY Franchisee Training

    OHHOY Franchisee training is scheduled on the 30th of September in Cochin. All Franchisee owners, the field executives and officers are requested to participate. Registration is mandate.

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